Last Updated By:  Bennett Criss, June 2018

Purpose: Setting Up 2 Factor Authentication for Canvas.


1. Log into Canvas and click "Account" in the top-left.  Click "Settings".

2. Click "Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication".

3. Set up your phone for MFA.

Option 1

  • SMS (Text) for Code Generation
    1. Enter your phone number and select your phone carrier from the dropdown.  Click "Send".
    2. Once you receive the text, enter the verification code from the text.
    3. Check "Remember this computer" at the bottom.  Click "Verify".
Option 2:

  • Authentication App for Code Generation
    1. Download either the Google Authenticator app or the Microsoft Authenticator app from the app store (Google Play or the Apple App Store).
    2. Add a new account.  If you are using the Microsoft Authenticator app, make sure to choose "Work or school account" when prompted.
    3. Scan the QR code.
    4. Once the 6 digit number labeled "Canvas" appears, type in the number.  Please note that this number will change every 25-30 seconds.
    5. Check "Remember this computer" and click "Verify".
4. You will be redirected back to your account settings.  You're done.