• For those who do not wish to import previous course content and would rather build their course from scratch: please contact your administrative assistant and ask them to add the canvas template/shell to your new course.

  • Remember to add all assignments and resources to the Modules page for your students to be able to view the material.

  • Make sure you delete the red instruction text on all of your syllabus pages.  This is regardless of whether or not you changed the content on that page.

  • Don’t forget that your assignments, modules, and course must be published before your students can view them.

  • Make sure to change the Submission Type to Online Submission when you create an online assignment.

  • Don’t forget to check all pages under the Policies and Procedures section in your syllabus to ensure that every page has been set up completely.

  • For those who need a full refresher, please review the Canvas Training Course created by LMS Support. The course offers step-by-step set-up instructions on how to correctly set up your Canvas courses. Simply click on any of the modules that you need to review.

If you have any questions, please contact us at lmssupport@masters.edu or 661-362-2341.