• To create an online quiz within Canvas, click Assignments on your sidebar.
    1. Click on the + button within an assignment group. 

    2. Change the type of assignment to Quiz.

    3. Enter the name and select the due date.

    4. Do not enter a number of points. (Canvas online quiz totals are determined by the total points assigned to each question.  Entering a number of points in this field will not be applied to the quiz).

    5. Click More Options.

  • You can also create an online quiz within Canvas by clicking Quizzes on your sidebar.
    1. Click + Quiz on the top right of the page.

    2. Be sure to indicate which Assignment Group you would like your quiz to be in.

Note: Remember to add your quiz to the Modules page once you have finished quiz setup so your students may be able to access and view the quiz.

See "Editing Quiz Settings Within Canvas" for documentation on how to set up quiz settings.

See "Creating Quiz Questions Within Canvas" for documentation on how to create quiz questions within Canvas.