See"Creating an Online Quiz within Canvas" for documentation on how to create an online quiz.

See "Editing Quiz Settings within Canvas" for documentation on how to set up quiz settings.

We recommend creating quiz questions within a question bank.  Question Banks are a place to house questions that can be added to quizzes across courses or account.

    To create a question bank, click Quizzes on your sidebar.
    Then, click on the   button at the top right of the page and select Manage Question Bank.


1.  Click Add Question Bank.
2. Enter the online quiz or exam name and click the Enter key on your keyboard.


    Click on your new question bank.
    Click Add a Question on your question bank's page.

    Canvas provides a general quiz question layout.
1. Name the question. (Optional)
2. Select the type of question.
3. Enter the number of points for the question. 

    Note: The sum of all individual question points determines the quiz total points.
4. Follow the instructions for how to set up each type of question.
5. Enter the quiz question.
6. Click on the green arrow of the correct answer.
7. Enter comments for each quiz answer that the students will see after taking the quiz. (Optional)
8. Enter other quiz answers.
9. Enter overall answer comments, (e.g. "Great job!" in the green comment box).
10. Click Update Question


Types of Quiz Questions within Canvas

Multiple Choice

    Enter your question text and multiple answers, then select the one correct answer by clicking on the green arrow to the left of the correct answer.


    Enter your question text, then select if True or False is the correct answer by clicking on the green arrow to the left of the correct answer.
Fill in the Blank

    Enter your question text, then enter all possible correct answers for the blank.  Students will see the question followed by a small text box to type their answer.

Fill in Multiple Answers 

    Enter your question text, specifying where each blank should go by replacing the desired blank with "[Word1]" (a reference word surrounded by brackets with no space). 
Example: "Roses are [word1], violets are [word2]."
    Then, in the Show Possible Answers for drop-down menu, select each reference word and enter the possible correct answer for each blank. Students must type correct answers into text boxes at each blank.


Multiple Answers 

    This question will show a checkbox next to each answer, and the student must select ALL the answers you mark as correct.
    Enter your question text and select all correct answers by clicking on the green arrow to the left of the correct answer.  Do not click on the green arrow to the left of incorrect answers.

Multiple Dropdowns

    Multiple dropdown questions are set up the same as Fill in Multiple Answers questions, except for the fact that you will have to select one correct answer for each blank while other possible answers will be treated as incorrect answers.


    Enter your question instruction text and all matching criteria.
    Students will see values on the left and have to select the matching value on the right from a dropdown. Multiple rows can have the same answer, and you can add additional distractors that will appear in the dropdown menus.



    Enter your question text.  Students will be given a text field to compose their answer.

Adding Questions to a Quiz

    Once you have created the questions for your quiz within the question bank, navigate to the quiz.
      Click Quizzes on your sidebar, click on the quiz, then click Edit on the top right of the quiz.
      Click on the Questions tab.
1. New Question would allow you to create questions apart from a question bank and would only be accessible within that quiz.
2. New Question Group would give you the options to link to a question bank, randomize question orders, and have Canvas randomly choose a number (of your choosing) of questions from the question bank. 
3. Find Questions would allow you to import a question bank or specific questions within a question bank into your quiz.  Click Find Questions.


    After selecting Find Questions,
      Select your question bank on the left side of the window.
      Click Select All questions or select the checkmark box next to specific questions.
      Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Add Questions.

    Save & Publish your quiz, then add the quiz to your Modules page so your students can access it.

Canvas allows you to take your quiz to see what it will look like for the students. 

    Click on your quiz.
    Click Preview.