Last Updated By: Bennett Criss, September 2018

Purpose: To ensure that your TMU email is set up with a newer authentication method on your mobile mail app.

Note: If you have an Apple device with iOS 10 or older or if you are using an Android device, modern authentication is not supported; you must download the Microsoft Outlook app.  Please use our documentation to set up Outlook on your phone:


iOS 11 or higher:

1. If you currently have your student/staff/faculty email set up, you need to remove the account.

2. Open up iOS settings and go to "Accounts & Passwords".  Select your email account and delete it.

3. Tap "Add Account".

2.  Select "Exchange" and enter your Office 365 email address.  After selecting "Next", choose "Sign In".

3.  When prompted, enter your password.  

4.  If permissions are requested, tap "Accept".

5.  Select what you want to sync and tap "Save".