This index is a list of common functions in phone system and how they can be accomplished in Zoom Phone:

General Functions

Downloading Zoom

You can download Zoom here for all platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android):

Signing in to Zoom

In-Call Functions and Controls

Using Call Flip (move call to another device)

Mobile Switch to Carrier

Moves the call to your cell phone through your mobile carrier using callback.

Transfer a Call

This includes instructions for both a warm or cold transfer

Other In-call controls

Customization Options

Setting up Speed Dial

You can set up speed dial on your own phone.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows you to see if another Zoom phone user is in an existing call or meeting. This is the recommended option, but there are limitations to that. If you cannot use BLF, you can still use Speed Dial. See this article for more details:

Add Phone Delegates

Call delegation (also known as shared line appearance) provides an easy way for phone users to assign others to handle calls on their behalf. For example, an executive can assign calling privileges to their assistant, allowing the assistant can make and receive calls on the executive’s behalf.

Enable Call Control

Call control allows you to make/take calls on your desk phone when you pick up or make calls from your desktop. This can be especially helpful if you prefer having a desk phone, but you want to use Click-to-Dial or use your numpad to dial a number. It also allows you to merge or transfer calls on your desk phone with a click of the mouse.