Headsets can help keep your hands free, especially if you spend much of your time on the phone. Here is some guidance to help get you started on getting a headset.

Administrative Notes

Departments are responsible for the purchase of headsets from their own budget.

Compatible Phones

The only headsets recommended for use are Bluetooth headsets and due to this requirement, not all phones are compatible. The phones that are compatible that are provided by IT are the Cisco 8800 and 8900 series, similar to those seen in these pictures:
Cisco 8800 Series: Image Placeholder
Cisco 8900 Series: Image Placeholder

If you do not have a phone like the ones seen above, you will need to contact us so we can replace your phone with a compatible one.

Recommended Headsets

We recommend the following headsets for purchase:

Using Your Headset

If you need any help in pairing your headset to your computer or using your new headset, please contact us so we can best assist you.