As we look forward to our transition to Zoom Phone on 9/20, we want to make sure we answer as many of your questions as possible. Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

If you have any further questions about the transition to Zoom Phone, please email the Service Desk at or call 661.362.2876. 

Q: Are we switching to Zoom video conferencing for all communication?

No. While this is the same company as Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone is a separate product and has all the features of a traditional telephone system that can also work well with Zoom Meetings. It does utilize the same phone app and computer application as Zoom Meetings, so you will often see similar products.
Q: When will the switch to Zoom Phone take place?

The transition to Zoom will be taking place on Monday September 20th, 2022. There is no precise time of day for the transition. We will communicate with further details of any impact that will take place.
Q: Is Zoom replacing Microsoft Teams completely?

No. The only element of Teams that will no longer be functional is traditional phone system elements: taking calls to your number in Teams and making calls to numbers from teams.
Teams-to-Teams calls, meetings, and chat will all continue to work in Teams. Many people on campus continue to use Teams for effective collaboration and communication and resources will continue to be invested in it. Zoom is simply taking on the traditional phone service.

You can use the Zoom app in Teams to access phone features in Teams. However, it requires you to have the Zoom application itself installed on your computer in order to make calls.
QIs Zoom Phone Secure?

Yes. Zoom is a North American company. While some features of Zoom are developed by firms in China, they have very limited permissions of contractors and do not have access to the data of users. Additionally, several firms have evaluated Zoom and have found no security concerns.
Q: Will my TMU phone number and extension stay the same?

Yes. While there are some opportunities to shuffle numbers around to best suit the needs of the campus, you will retain the number and extension you have been using. These will be moved to Zoom Phone on the September 20th transition date.
Q: Will I have to re-record my voicemail greeting for Zoom Phone

Yes. While we are doing our best to minimize the impact on everyone, you will have to re-record your voicemail greeting. Zoom Phone offers a text-to-speech option to ease this transition. Please see our documentation on Set Up Voicemail Greeting for Zoom, including a script that you can easily use to set it up. Additionally, this can be set in Zoom before the September 20th transition date. Feel free to try it now!
Q: Will I get a desk phone or handset?

Yes. We will provide desk phones to everyone who currently has a phone now. However, you will flexibility to use your phone if you would like and can even forego the desk phone (this app works better than Teams, so we encourage you to try it, even if you tried the Teams calling features before).

Our default phone for the campus is the Poly CCX 350. If you have any other needs or preferences, let us know and we may be able to accommodate you.
Q: Do I need to use my personal smartphone to make and take calls?

No. Using the Zoom app on your phone or computer is optional. If you find yourself needing to make or take calls while away from your desk, you may find the Zoom app to be particularly helpful. Some people may want to forego the desk phone completely.
Q: Will I be able to send text messages through my work phone line?

Yes. Zoom Phone includes SMS/MMS capabilities. Each person will be able to utilize texting with their work line. If you would like to allow multiple people on your team to manage incoming texts, please let us know.
Q: What can I do with Zoom and how do I go about setting it up?

We have compiled some of the most common functions for using your phone here:
If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.