Computer upgrade policy:

As there is need and as the campus hardware budget allows, IT Operations aims to upgrade campus faculty and staff computers with improved machines every four years to help maintain maximum computing efficiency and productivity. IT Operations and the Controller’s Office will be responsible for evaluating need and determining the best upgrade option. Though IT Operations routinely monitors the performance of all faculty and staff computers, please report all computer performance issues to the IT Operations Service Desk.

Notebook upgrade policy:

Faculty and/or Staff members currently using a desktop and requiring a routine, lifecycle upgrade will be provided a laptop by default. Each laptop will come with a docking station so you can continue to use your computer with multiple monitors. The advantages of a laptop are: savings in purchase costs, portability, and flexibility for your workflow.

In situations where portability is not critical to job function, users may request a desktop with written justification, including specific reasons for their need, and have approval from their department head and vice president. IT Operations and the Controller’s Office will carefully review all requests.

New computer request policy:

Computer requests for new hires and or special projects should be submitted to the Controller’s Office and IT Operations as early in the yearly budgeting process as possible to ensure proper consideration. In the event that the campus hardware budget is exhausted, departments necessitating additional hardware may be required to pay for the expense out of their available budget, pending approval from the Controller’s Office and IT Operations. All equipment must be purchased by IT Operations, meeting TMU standard hardware specifications. You will be asked to return any computer equipment not purchased through IT Operations.