Last Updated By:  Bennett Criss, June 2018

Purpose: How to set up a printer or copier on a TMU owned Mac.


Please use this documentation for School-Owned Macs. If you would like to print from a personal device, please contact the IT Service Desk.

1.  Make sure the Macintosh computer is connected to the Fac/Staff wireless network.

2.  Installing the driver for Canon Copiers

    NOTE:  If you are adding one of the Canon Copiers, you need to do this step.  If not, skip to step 4
    1.  Download the driver by navigating to

    2.  Click on Support & Drivers on the bottom left bar

    3.  Under the "Product Type" drop-down menu select Office Equipment

    4.  Under the "Enter Product Model" drop-down menu, select the printer model.

    5.  Under the "Product Family" drop-down menu, select Color imageRUNNER ADVANCE

    6.  Under the "Product Series" drop-down menu, select either C5240 (For Rutherford, CPS, or Student Life copiers) or C5250 (for Copy center copiers)

    7.  Under the "Models" drop-down menu, select Drivers & Software

    8.  Under the "Operating System" drop-down menu, select your current operating system

    9.  Click on the driver link that appears below to download (Download latest UFR driver)

    10.  Install the downloaded driver by opening the downloaded folder and starting the install file.  Use the default settings.

3:  Setting up the Printer

           1. Go to System Preferences >>> Printers and Scanners >>> 
              NOTE:  Click on the IP tab
           2. Enter the printer information
              NOTE: You want to use LPD and NOT IPP
              a.  In the Address input box, enter the Printer server IP address:
              b.  In the Queue input box, enter the share name, (e.g. Registrar Copier)

              c. In the Name input box, also enter the share name

              d. In the "Print Using" drop-down menu, select Select Printer Software

              e. In the Print Software window that pops up, select the software that you downloaded.  This should be in with the other Canon drivers, named as the model of the printer

              f. If you are installing a non-Canon printer:
              g. In the "Print Using" drop-down menu, select Generic PostScript Driver
              h. Click Add

           3. Select the added printer and click on the Options & Supplies button.

           4. Click on the Options tab, then select the installed options for the copier (Output Options, External Puncher, etc.)
                -Inner finisher D1
                -Puncher 2/3

    5. Check the box for Department ID Management

    6. Click on the Utility tab then click on the Open Printer Utility button

    7. Check the Use Department ID Management box and then supply the Department ID

    8. Click Save Settings