Last Updated By:  Bennett Criss, November 2018

Purpose: Creating Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Using Quizzes.Next.

Note: For more instructions in question creation, please visit our documentation on question creation:


1.  Open your Quizzes.Next quiz to bring up the "Build" menu. 

2.  Click the blue "+" button and select "Multiple Choice" from the options.  

3.  Add a question title.  Add a question stem as a description of what you are looking for from the student.

4.  Type your statement (the question).  Highlight the portion of the statement that you want students to answer and click "Create Blank Space".

5.  Under Answer Type, select "Open Entry", "Dropdown", or "Word Bank".

6.  Under Text Match, select "Contains", "Close Enough" (select how many additions, subtractions, or substitutions are used), "Exact Match", "Specify Correct Answers", or "Regular Expressions Match".

7.  In the bottom-left, enter how many points the question is worth (or leave it at the default 1 point).

8.  Click "Done".