Last Updated By:  Kyle Carbonneau, June 2018

Purpose: To help users navigate to Blackbaud Hosting Services and log into Raiser’s Edge for the first time.


1. Open your web browser and go to
2. You will be prompted to install “Citrix Receiver”.  Click the checkbox for agreeing to the Citrix License Agreement and click “Install”.

3. This will download the setup for Citrix Receiver (CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe).  Once it downloads (which will take a minute or two), you will need to install it.  At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to either “Add Account” or “Finish”.  Just click “Finish”.
4. Once you have finished installing Citrix Receiver, go back to your web browser and click “Continue”. 

5. After clicking “Continue”, you will be taken to a Blackbaud Hosting Services login screen.  Sign in with “username-tmus” and the password provided for you.


6. After signing in, you will see two applications available in the box below.  Click on The Raiser’s Edge.

7. This will download a file called “launch.ica”.  Run the file once it downloads.  You will be prompted to allow the program access.  Click “Permit all access.”  This will open up Raiser’s Edge.

Note: If you receive any errors while trying to load Raiser’s Edge, go to your taskbar in the bottom-right, right-click on the Citrix Receiver icon and click quit.  This will quit your current Raiser’s Edge instance. Then go back to the Blackbaud Hosting Services website and download a fresh launch.ica file.