To access The Master's University network resources remotely, you will need to download and install the Virtual Private Connection (VPN) client for our network. Once you've installed this software, you will be able to log in and access the necessary resources.

Please note that the IT Service Desk must give you the proper permissions for you to be able to access the VPN. In addition, this process must also be completed off campus or at the IT Service Desk.

  1. Open any web browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox.
  2. In the navigation bar, type
  3. If you are logging in from a TMU-provided laptop, you may be automatically logged in. Otherwise, you will need to log in with your TMU email address and password. You may also be prompted for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  4. Select the software to download for your computer. If you are on a Windows computer, please select the Windows 64 bit agent. If you are on Mac, please select the Mac 32/64 bit agent.
  5. Run the file that was downloaded.
  6. Press Next.
  7. Press Next.
  8. Press Next to install the application. If an administrative window pops up, press Yes.
  9. Once the software is installed press Close.
  10. The GlobalProtect software should start automatically. You may need to open your taskbar and press the grey globe:Image Placeholder
  11. Enter in the address field and then press Connect. Image Placeholder