Last Updated By:  Kyle Carbonneau, June 2018

Purpose: To instruct regarding accessing local campus resources on a PC from a remote location via VPN.

NOTE: Before this process has been completed, the IT Service Desk must give you the proper permissions. In addition, this process must also be completed off campus or at the IT Service Desk.


1.  Open Mozilla Firefox (these instructions may not be accurate for other browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer)

2.  In the navigation bar, type

3.  Enter your TMU username and password and make sure that RDP1 is selected. Click Login.

4.  The automatic installation will fail. When it does so, you will be prompted to install the software manually. Right-click on the link that says "AnyConnect VPN" and select Save Link As - Save it to your computer.

5.  Run the file that was downloaded.

6.  Press Next.

7.  Accept the license agreement and press Next.

8.  Press Install. If an administrative window pops up, press Yes

9.  Once the software is installed press Finish

10.  Open the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

11.  Enter in the address field and then press Connect

12.  Select RDP1 as your group and enter your TMU credentials

13.  Press Login