Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have been asked about the Canvas Gradebook.  Please contact if you have any additional questions.

Q:  Can I change my course grade chart?

A:  Yes, you are welcome to change the course grade chart from the default scheme.  The only requirement is that we ask you to contact to inform them of the change so we can verify your Gradebook is calculating correctly.

Q: Can I use academic discretion to adjust a student's grade up or down at the end of the semester?  Does Canvas have to reflect this change?

A:  Your Canvas Gradebook must be set up accurately as per what was communicated in your course syllabus, however you may use academic discretion to adjust students' grades as needed.  Please note that if you need to lower the final grade, you must to leave a note explaining why the grade was lowered for our academic records.  For instructions on how to enable the notes column, click here.

Q: Can I hide the final grade total from my students?
A:  You cannot hide the final grade from the students as we want students to always know where they are at a class in any time.  This is a big part of our retention efforts.  In addition, Academic Counseling meets with students and checks their course grades every two weeks.  They need to be able to see the final course grade in order to advise the students.  You are permitted, however, to temporarily hide individual assignment grades until grading is finished or a gradebook error is corrected.  Please note that this should only be used as a temporary solution and the grade should be published as quickly as possible.  To see how to mute the assignment grade, click here.

Q:  What do I do if a student does not turn in an assignment?

A:  If a student does not turn in an assignment, you must give them a zero for that assignment to count against them. We highly recommend you enter the 0's as you progress throughout the semester so your students have an accurate picture of how they are doing in the course at all times.