Last Updated By:  Bennett Criss, November2018

Purpose: Creating a Quiz Using Quizzes.Next.

Note: This documentation covers the creation of the quiz. For instructions in question creation, please visit our documentation on question creation:

Also Note: You cannot use Respondus LockDown Browser with a Quizzes.Next quiz.  


1. Log into Canvas and go to your course.  Click "Settings" on the left side of your course.

2.  Click the tab for "Feature Options".  Enable "Quizzes.Next".

3.  Go to the "Assignments" tab on the left side of your course.

4.  Click the "+Quiz/Test" button at the top.

5.  Enter the name, number of points, change the assignment group if necessary, and then make sure it's assigned to the correct group of people.  Click "Save".

6.  This will bring up the Quizzes.Next quiz "Build".  Enter the title and add any necessary instructions.

7.  You can adjust the main quiz settings by going to the "Settings" tab.  This allows you to shuffle questions, restrict to viewing one questions at a time, requiring a code, setting a time limit, restricting the number of attempts, and restricting the view so that students cannot see the question results (just the submission confirmation).