Updated July 2023


IT Operations provisions computers necessary for the business workflow of each department. Departments with valid business reasons may seek approval to purchase supplemental devices such as iPads and other like tablets, scanners or printers.  The request must be approved by the department head and IT Operations prior to purchase.  If approved, the purchase should be facilitated through a budget transfer to IT Operations.  Please note that IT Operations has limited support resources for these devices and users will be expected to take appropriate ownership in this area.  Additionally, IT Operations reserves the right to reject purchases based on security considerations and safety standards.  All devices purchased through IT Operations are the property of The Master’s University (TMU).


If the request is approved, IT Operations will then purchase and asset tag the device to ensure appropriate tracking.  Device warranties and deductibles, repair and refurbishment and/or replacement costs may be covered through IT Operations for up to 4-years of the device lifecycle. Accessories are the responsibility of the individual department.  Once a device has reached its end of useful life, the device must be returned to IT Operations to ensure proper data sanitization, asset retirement, and disposal.

Device requests for new hires and or special projects should be submitted to the IT Department as early in the yearly budgeting process as possible to ensure proper consideration. Requests received after final budget approval may not be covered. 

Employee Separation

In the event of separation from TMU, employees are required to turn in all equipment to IT Operations with corresponding removal of any personal accounts/data.  Received equipment will undergo a reformatting process before being reissued.  Employees who fail to turn in equipment after separation may be subject to financial penalties in accordance with the value of the equipment.